Final Thoughts

I finally made it! The end of the semester is here, and I could not be more happy. Through this semester, the classes I am currently enrolled in tested my time management, perseverance, and stress levels.

To date, this has most definitely been my toughest semester here at SIUE. Next year will be my final year at the school, and I will be officially begin working on my senior project. After wrapping up this semester as I did, I hope that it has prepared me for this final step at SIUE.

I have created a stronger work ethic over the course of this semester that will help me grow and succeed in the future. So for that, I am grateful.

Overall, I am ending this semester with a huge feeling of happiness. I am happy this semester has come to an end. I am happy I have learned and been able to push myself like I did, and come out successful.

I am hoping to lock in a summer internship position as my next step in “pushing myself”. I hope that with this opportunity I learn new skills and improve the skills I have earned over the course of this semester. I am so excited to see where this PR journey will take me!


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Wrapping Up The Semester

As I look into my class schedules for the rest of the semester, I finally had a realization that this is the end! I knew in my head that finals week was fast approaching, but it did not register how fast, until I saw it on paper.

Two weeks. Two weeks until this semester is over with. If that isn’t motivation to push through this last stretch of school work, I don’t know what is!

I have made the decision to not let myself get stressed out these next two weeks. To not wait until the last minute to finish assignments.

Final projects will be due, and tests will need to be studied for. With that being said, I want to knock out the majority of what is due as quickly, and accurately as possible.

I have worked extremely hard this semester, and I can’t wait to see the success pan out. I can’t wait to have a relaxing summer before my final year in college!

It is such a satisfying feeling to be at the home stretch. Not to mention, my grades are at a point that I am not frantically searching for extra points. I am more than satisfied with my grades, and more than ready for a summer break. So heres to finishing out this semester strong!


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Approaching 25

On April 18th, I will be turning 25. To me, 25 seemed like an age I wold never reach. I have had a habit the last few years, of dreading my approaching birthday. Getting older while still trying to figure out the rest of my life is a scary thing.

It always takes me a day or two to think about my past year. While I dread getting older, I look back on my past year and wouldn’t trade it for anything. I am so grateful that all of the events that took place last year did.

Over this past year, although I am still enrolled in classes, I am doing extremely well. I am nearing the date of my graduation, and that is very exciting!

I have also taken on a new job position this year. This was my first year as the head varsity dance team coach. While there were dramatic moments of the season, it was very successful (undefeated)! I also learned how to have a relationship with my team, while still gaining their respect as their coach. That was a huge win for myself.

Last but not least, I have met some amazing people/friends this year. Its actually hard to imagine life without them!

I am so grateful for this year. Even though I am getting older in age, each new year has brought me amazing new opportunities and friendships. And that is something not to dread!


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Time Management

Throughout my college years, I have constantly heard about the importance of time management. Not only have I heard about the importance, but I have experienced the benefits as well.

As I would love to sit here and say that I always manage my time wisely, I have to admit that I have fallen victim to procrastination, and attempting to get my to-do list finished in a short amount of time. Which in return, creates a large amount of stress on myself.

With that being said, there is no-one else to blame but myself. I occasionally have those weeks where its suddenly Friday afternoon, and I have gotten nothing accomplished. This just so happens to be one of those weeks.

So, instead of starting my weekend off in a relaxing way, I am stuck at home finishing assignments I wish I would have finished sooner.

To assure that this situation happens less often, I have come up with a few tips I am going to attempt to follow while this semester winds down.

  • Schedule due dates for assignments BEFORE they are actually due
  • Work on assignments at a table, desk, or area with limiting distractions
  • Reward yourself when finished with a task or assignment 🙂


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Scheduling Blues

When it comes to coaching for a dance team, I feel as though our season never ends. As a coach, I am still doing behind the scenes work all year long.

Recently, I have scheduled end of the year pictures, and a city council meeting to be recognized for our successful season. While these events are finishing up last season, I found myself this week scheduling out tryouts for next season, and creating our season schedule for the 2017-2018 year.

As I was getting dates together of competitions, performances at basketball games, and fundraisers, I realized how much I will be missing this year.

I will have to miss out on weddings of friends/family and other social events. After realizing this, it really set my mood off. I was upset throughout the day, and kept focusing on all of my conflicting dates.

It wasn’t until after my workout class (probably during my workout class) that I realized, yes I am missing events I would love to be apart of, but I am also partaking in experiences that I know I love.

I love spending time with my team. I love watching them grow as dancers and as individuals. I love the competition.

I needed this reminder. Being able to coach a sport that I love is rewarding in itself.


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Last week, I had touched on how I was having a hard time getting back into my daily routines after spring break. I felt tired, and unmotivated throughout the week.

Although I felt in a slump, I continued to workout everyday as promised, and made my school deadlines (even if it was at the last minute!). By continuing to push myself to with my assignments and workouts, I ended up feeling much more energized after it was all accomplished.

As for my classes, I have been motivated to get a jump start on some assignments this week, instead of waiting until the last minute. Whenever I knockout homework assignments earlier than their due date, I always feel better about myself, and less stressed.

As for working out, I became less tired as the week went on. I have so much more energy, and have been motivated to make better eating choices as well. I even tried out a new fitness class!

The class that I attended was a Turbo Kick inspired class. The instructor was so motivating throughout the class. When I felt I had given it all I had, she pushed us to go the extra limit. I felt so rewarded after the class, and can’t wait to experience new classes.


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Back In The Swing Of Things

With this being our first week back from spring break, becoming motivated has been difficult to say the least. Is two weeks off for spring break too much to ask? Ha.

As I have posted before, my spring break was spent in Orland, Florida. I had the best time. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter was everything I imagined . The NBA game was exciting, and soaking up the sun was much needed! While the week off in Florida was fun, I think I came back more exhausted.

I made myself a commitment to start working out regularly once I arrived home from spring break. So far, I have made myself accountable, but I can tell it is taking a toll on my body this week.

From traveling, and intensifying my daily workout routine, I am in need of a little pep in my step. Currently, I have made lists of things I need to accomplish in hopes to motivate myself (I love being able to mark something off of a list). I have also decided to make sleep a priority. With the semester coming to an end, my schedule is becoming more hectic. So I figured making sure I was getting enough sleep to fuel me through the day would be important!

If anyone has more motivating tips, feel free to share!


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